Vodi | California
Inspires to the birthing of a vacant euphoric dimension ▲▲▲

As My Roommate & I Are Walking Through The Mall
She has her laptop in her hand, and we're passing through to find somewhere to sit at. A salesman for a jewelry store is standing in front of the store, attempting to get people in.
Him: Hey, is that a laptop ?
Her: Yeah
Him: Wanna buy some jewelry ?

Smells so good. 


yasutomo ebisu
Currently Witnessing

A trans prostitute hooting and hollering for some clients on this street.

Still Irate

That cunt tried to steal my url name and make it her own. No, witch. 


I’m over here coughing out demons from the cold my roommate gave me. Thanks girl !

Noah Wilson


Ren Hang

Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture
The Smell Of Toasting Bread

is so enticing. Mmmmmmnhhfsty

This Man Straight

stopped in front of me as I was sitting on the curb on my phone, points his finger at me at goes,

"You betta give that body back to Beyonce !"

😅😐😂 I hate him.


H&M minimal square outfit | via MyDubio

The Wall - Lena Emery
In Santa Monica As I'm Mobbing By On The Sidewalk
Man Comes Out Of Store
Him: Looking like Tyra Banks
Me: *Gives him the "like no" look while holding my laugh in*
Him: No, for real. A young Tyra.