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Everyone’s Losing Their Shit About a Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs
A lot people on the internet are dumb. This we can take for granted. But dig a little deeper, and behind your standard pickup artist or generic troll you’ll find another, more considered, breed of moron. These people are not hastily brainstorming which tabloid journalist’s tired career to revive via an onslaught of illegible sexist drivel; instead they see themselves as campaigners for social justice. These internet vigilantes are intent on scrubbing the world clean of anything remotely offensive to absolutely anyone anywhere. They make cartoons like this. They are the human equivalent of a red correcting pen.

I’m pointing this out because of nail varnish, weirdly. More specifically, a nail varnish that some North Carolina college students are developing that will enable people to dip their fingers into drinks and find out if they’ve been suddenly transformed into a Rohypnol on the rocks. This is a pretty “whatever” idea as long as you’re cool with using your finger to mix your drink—which to be honest most of us are because it’s often halfway down our throats trying to bring up the eight shots of tequila we knew weren’t a good idea for a weeknight. Unfortunately, the invention has been hit with a barrage of fury from across the internet, and I’m not completely sure why.
This is not an unbelievably earth-shattering concept. Nobody has suggested installing microchips into immigrants that explode when their visas expire, or mandatory mood rings for people with bipolar disorder. Sure, there are a bunch of issues at play, particularly whether this product could potentially encourage the dangerous idea that a woman who isn’t wearing it is putting herself at risk. But a hyper-awareness of that kind of horribly sexist, victim-blaming mentality should not stop research into products that simply make you feel safer in a situation where you may otherwise have felt vulnerable or concerned.
Basically I think this idea is a) fine and b) nowhere near as problematic as the UK government’s rape awareness posters that featured a (unforgivable phrase alert) “scantily-clad” woman with mascara dripping down her face.

feeling like I need to print prayer (though I’m not religious), or inspiration slips of paper to hand out to the people I come across in the streets, that are begging for money. That shit probably can do more than currency can offer them, and I can’t print vast amounts of money. I was thinking of employment/resource information- but that would kind of be out of line. The homeless and struggle rate in LA is above and beyond. 

As My Roommate & I Are Walking Through The Mall
She has her laptop in her hand, and we're passing through to find somewhere to sit at. A salesman for a jewelry store is standing in front of the store, attempting to get people in.
Him: Hey, is that a laptop ?
Her: Yeah
Him: Wanna buy some jewelry ?

Smells so good. 


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Currently Witnessing

A trans prostitute hooting and hollering for some clients on this street.

Still Irate

That cunt tried to steal my url name and make it her own. No, witch. 


I’m over here coughing out demons from the cold my roommate gave me. Thanks girl !

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Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture
The Smell Of Toasting Bread

is so enticing. Mmmmmmnhhfsty

This Man Straight

stopped in front of me as I was sitting on the curb on my phone, points his finger at me at goes,

"You betta give that body back to Beyonce !"

😅😐😂 I hate him.